Sunday Almanac: In This House We Play With Our Food

Chef David bought some professional equipment because he’s been itching to get at it, while we he chews on possible business plans and angles and such. Those delectable little confections are chocolate bombs, or bombe au chocolat, if you prefer. When I say it in French, The Chef rolls his eyes. I didn’t capture all of the steps, but I did many of them. This … Continue reading Sunday Almanac: In This House We Play With Our Food

Sunday Almanac: Stretching Our Dollars

Some years ago a post popped up in one of my social feeds, an image of a pair of running shoes with a clothes iron wedged between them, business side up, and on top of it a stovetop-style espresso maker, captioned simply Cuba Linda. Hat tip to the Cubans: Are there any more resourceful people? They’ve had to be all kinds of inventive to make … Continue reading Sunday Almanac: Stretching Our Dollars

Sunday Almanac: Thanksgiving 2021

…in which I bake my first pie. It’s true, gentle reader: I’ve made it this far in my life, which is to say a certain number of decades, without ever having baked a pie. The Chef pointed out a pie crust is not so far removed from the biscuits I bake every single weekend. Huh. I decided Thanksgiving was as good a time as any … Continue reading Sunday Almanac: Thanksgiving 2021