Sunday Photo Essay: Playing With Light (And Food)

We felt like making chili this weekend, never mind that the highs have hovered around 80°F for the past few days and the neighborhood kids are still running around barefoot; the air still smells like fall. What transpired today instead of chili is a hearty concoction called Black Bean and Chipotle Chowder, an invention of food writer Jane Hughes and included in the collection that is Soup for Syria. This 100 percent vegetarian / vegan recipe has all the density and vigor you’d expect of a traditional autumn chili, with none of the animal protein or fat. But it is chock-full of nutrients you need and will be tonight’s supper and lunch all week long. I also baked bread for the week and am happy to say it’s officially a Sunday habit now; we’ve not bought nor consumed commercial bread in months (I even know the recipe by heart). But first, a breakfast of oatmeal, blueberries, and a sunny-side-up egg, followed by ballet class in my small upstairs studio. The farmers market has closed for the season, but the blueberries at the grocery have been exceptionally plump and sweet for the past two weeks.

The light in the kitchen was exquisite and so I grabbed my camera, fiddled with the focus area and other settings, and made a photo essay of my culinary day.

If you don’t taste your creation, chefs like Gordon Ramsay will make you shut it down! It passed the taste test, thanks in no small part, I am certain, to the chipotle we acquired at a special spice shop during a food tour of Charleston a while back. I only wish I could share the aroma in this house right now with you.

P.S., The chowder pairs well with cheese toast and a nice glass of Zinfandel. Bon appetit!

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