Sunday Almanac: In This House We Play With Our Food

eat dessert first

Chef David bought some professional equipment because he’s been itching to get at it, while we he chews on possible business plans and angles and such. Those delectable little confections are chocolate bombs, or bombe au chocolat, if you prefer. When I say it in French, The Chef rolls his eyes. I didn’t capture all of the steps, but I did many of them. This dessert is as evil as you might guess; David has been giving them away to some lucky locals to see what they think.

Eat Your Vegetables

Meanwhile, I’ve been itching for soup appropriate for the spring, something brothy and full of colorful vegetables. I played some with my camera and the light earlier today in the kitchen while I was making it.

A week’s worth of work lunches (and desserts) are ready to go. And by the way, since Scout-the-Goldapeake-Retriever is always (always) underfoot when either of us is working in the kitchen, Chef David has officially named him sous chef. Not bad work for a dog.

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